Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Zany Zebra Ruffled Ribbon Flowers

There are two things that we love around here above all else... ribbon and flowers.

I rarely pick up a needle and thread. I learned a long time ago that my lack of coordination combined with my historically horrendous bad luck really means that I should eliminate playing with sharp objects of any variety. We could change my name to Danger Prone Daphne. A project like this is so monumental that you know these are not only to die for, but also fairly quick and easy.

We're making this wild beauty!
25 to 30 inches of 7/8 ribbon.
We used Black Zebra on Grape from All About Ribbon *on sale now!*
Needle (I used a tapestry needle because they aren't as sharp if I stab myself)
Thread (any thread is fine but upholstery thread is hard to break)
Blingy button or any center embellishment
Hot glue (optional)
Felt circle (optional)
Hair clip of your choice or pin back

Take your cut length of ribbon and heat seal the ends by running the flame of the lighter across the cut edge until the edge appears shiny. This will keep your flower from having any unsightly fraying when finished.

Thread your needle with a reasonable length of thread. My office ate my upholstery thread so I used regular thread doubled up.

Make a long running stitch with your thread through the length of your ribbon. Our stitches are about 1 inch long.

Gather the stitches by scrunching them up as much as you can on the thread. (Look at that! You just learned how to hand stitch ruffles for anything!)

Tie your two thread ends together forming a circle. We used 30 inches of ribbon for ours because we had that huge button.

The less ribbon you use the less air you will have in the center. If you have a lot of "air space" you can do what we did! We took our rhinestone button which had a shank back and stitched it in place, then filled the area with hot glue and let set. This provides some extra stability to the flower. If you don't have a lot of air, or don’t like burning your fingers while trying to add some in the center you can glue on a felt circle back to provide the same kind of stability to your flower.

Finish with your choice of hair clip or pin back for a fabulously wild flower!


  1. WOW that's awesome.. Love the ribbon...and I'll have to try making thes.


  2. Love this! Thanks. I will be making some!