Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project: Glitter-on-the-Go Headbands

Too busy?
Do you have TWO minutes?
Make THIS!

Let's face it. Most of us are extremely busy, or extreme procrastinators. I am both. I have been up all night before more craft shows that I will ever be able to count... or admit to.

All of us need a few tricks up our sleeves that are quick and easy! Today’s project you can do in literally a few minutes even if those minutes are in the car before a dance recital!

Colored 10 mm headband (ours is hot pink)- We suggest these from Punch Place Plus
Coordinating Plushy Glitter Ribbon from All About Ribbon in Fuchsia
Double stick tape

Important to note before we start:
1. Double stick tape is not the double sided tape from your normal office supply store. You want specialty double sided tape. We recommend two places to find this tape. Our friends at No Bow No Go have some wonderful tape you can purchase today by clicking HERE. A similar product will also be available later this year at Punch Place Plus.
2. Not all glitter ribbon is created equal. The plushy glitter ribbon that we carry at All About Ribbon is uniquely no-shed. What makes it "glitter" are actual fibers that are woven into the ribbon. A lot of glitter products are made with small particles that when worn as hair accessories create a mess everywhere but also potential eye issues. Small particles can fall into children's eyes and cause irritation and a whole bunch of other fun issues that you as a mommy or business owner don't want to deal with. Quality is important.

Cut your glitter ribbon the length of the headband, plus a little bit extra that you will tab over the ends. Using your lighter, run the flame across the edge of the ribbon to melt it and prevent it from fraying. (When you do this DO NOT be surprised if you see the ribbon catch some of the flames. Blow on it and it will go out easily and quickly. This doesn't harm or discolor the ribbon. For those of you that error on the side of caution, you can do this over a shallow bowl of water to drop it in if you are startled by this.)

Apply the double sided tape to the back of the ribbon. When you peel the tape off the roll it has one side exposed and one side that still has a protective covering. Using the exposed sticky side of the tape, press the sticky side to the back side of the glitter ribbon.

Peel the backing tape off the length of ribbon and press firmly to your headband. Start with a small tab on the inner side of the headband then press over to the outer side of the headband and tab over again on the second end.

See... that was so easy you could do that while hopping on one leg, chasing a kid, talking on the phone, and walking the dog!

Smiles all around!


  1. this is so cute... and great idea with these tutorials and ideas... it just got me to place an order for some glitter ribbon!!! ;)

  2. Excellent timing! Its still on sale until tomorrow! Thanks so much :)