Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Who else is SUPER excited about this years Olympics?
I could only be more excited if I was in London to watch! I will be avidly stalking the broadcast schedules for when the diving and gymnastics are shown.

Opening day is 7-27 so you have plenty of time to order ribbon you love to be able to craft and watch your favorite events!

Don't forgot! Back to school is JUST around the corner and then we move right on into fall craft season and the holidays. This is the perfect time to snag your darlings during our best sale prices of the year. Our normal sales at www.AllAboutRibbon.com are only 15% so take advantage of our Olympic sized sale and save!

So fess up... what sport are you looking forward to watching?

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's a Blog Revival! 

This last year has had us running at top speed and sadly our little blog here was one of the first victims. We have a new plan and some very exciting things to share with everyone!

We will still be posting tutorials from time to time and lots and lots of inspiration for ya all.

Also, we will be featuring some guest bloggers sprinkled here and there like fairy dust! Would you like to be a guest blogger? Send us a message!