Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ritzy Ribbon Necklaces & Pendants

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Ribbon Necklaces with Alta Cap Pendants

Supplies Needed
3/8” All About Ribbon printed ribbon
8mm beads (approx.)
Beading wire (approx. 10 pound test) or upholstery thread
Large eye needle
Tape measure
Lighter (or other method to seal ribbon)
Crimp beads
Super Glue (or E6000)
1” hole punch
1” photo images
1” resin drops
Alta-Cap (
Xyron sticker maker with permanent adhesive (glue stick might work too)

To begin you need to decide how long you are going to make your ribbon necklace sides and ties. I find that starting with 12” works well for me. You are going to be working off your roll of ribbon. If you use the same size bead each time you will get a feel of how much ribbon you will need. I use different size beads and make them different lengths, so I work from the spool. Seal the end of your ribbon.

Thread your need with your beading wire or upholstery thread and knot.  12” in start your first stitch.
Pull almost all the way through. Add the crimp bead and push down over your knot.

Keeping the crimp bead over your knot, take your pliers and flatten (crimp). A regular knot will pull through the ribbon; the crimp cover keeps this from happening. Then use your pliers to cut off any excess wire.

I like then fold the ribbon making a 1/8” to 3/8” flap (this depends on the size of my bead) and stitch through it several times encasing the crimped crimp bead. Then begin to add your beads (shown in photos are actually dried beans from Ecuador). Make another flap at the end of your bead and stitch through it, add another and so on.

It usually works best if you plan out your beading prior to starting to add them. How many on each side, what size, which colors, placement of sizes & colors and so on.  Lay your beads on a kitchen or bathroom hand towel makes them easier to work with (and less time on the floor looking for run-away beads).
Continue sewing through your ribbon and adding beads. When you get to the center section of your necklace add your bail. If you have predetermined which is the top and which is the bottom of your necklace make sure you orientate your bail accordingly.

Finish beading and sewing your ribbon on the second part of your necklace. When you get to the end you need to make the last fold, knot your wire or thread (pull as tightly as you want for the look you want), add your crimp bead and complete as you started.
Last Tie
Measure from your last fold 12” and cut and seal your ribbon.

If you have sewn your ends neatly and hidden your crimps as well you can fore go this step. I like the look and think it adds stability to the necklace so I knot mine.

Alta Cap Pendant
Punch out the image of your choice and run through your Xyron machine (or other permanent gluing method). Peal and stick image in the Alta Cap. Then peel your resin dot and adhere to the image.

Alta Cap Pendant
There are many fun uses for an Alta Cap. This shows how easy it is to make them into a pendant by simply using super glue (I like the gel) or your favorite permanent glue on the bail and press the Alta Cap into place.

And here is our finished project!
The combinations of what you can do with the various colors of Alta Caps, All About 3/8” ribbon and beads is endless!

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